South West Cambridgeshire

Located on the doorstep of a global seat of learning, in the heart of the MedTech Ox/Cambs Arc and within close proximity of existing economic hubs, South West Cambridgeshire represents a unique chance to facilitate Cambridgeshire’s future growth by building an inclusive community comprising a new town and a series of connecting villages.


Our vision for a new community includes land around Barrington, Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth, Foxton, Meldreth, Melbourn, Orwell, Shepreth, Whaddon and Wimpole. The proposals would deliver as many as 10,000 much-needed affordable homes and would help to ease the pressure on first-time buyers and keyworkers, while allowing older people to downsize and remain in the local area.


With strong connections to Cambridge and London, South West Cambridgeshire is just one stop away from the future Cambridge South Station, close to Addenbrooke's, and has direct links to major transport corridors.


With the government’s commitment to a new green revolution, communities such as South West Cambridgeshire would lead the way in demonstrating what can be achieved.


This is a chance to create a thriving new community and deliver the UK’s first green town in Cambridgeshire, providing a global blueprint for best-in-class zero-carbon sustainable placemaking.

Our vision for South West Cambridgeshire

An infrastructure-led plan comprising a sustainable new town and a series of connecting villages, becoming a key driver in facilitating Cambridgeshire's future growth:

An infrastructure-first approach - having the right foundations in place is the key to building a sustainable community with a long-lasting legacy.

Creating a dynamic and green living environment - 25,000 sustainable zero-carbon homes.

This includes providing as many as 10,000 much-needed affordable homes, helping to ease the pressure on first-time buyers and keyworkers, while allowing older people to downsize and remain in the local area.

A vision to create a destination of choice for investment, skills and growth.

Enhanced transport links to Cambridge and London, just one stop away from the future Cambridge South Station close to Addenbrooke's.

Business investment with a new business park creating thousands of jobs.

Investment in amenities including new sporting, healthcare and education facilities.

A sustainable, zero-carbon community delivering on growth in an increasingly popular part of the country to live and work.

Creating a modern, sustainable and healthy community - a place where people are given the green infrastructure and services they need to thrive.

Would serve as an example of how sustainable, green growth can be delivered.

A New Town and Community with the Power to Change Lives

We believe that well-planned community building has the power to change lives. South West Cambridgeshire is our chance to improve the lives of our local community for generations to come.


This community would be a gateway to healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. From walks in the Cambridgeshire countryside to spectacular cycle routes; all integrated with local and regional public transport.

Our Environmental Pledge

South West Cambridgeshire would deliver new benchmarks in sustainability. Homes will be zero-carbon in lifetime operation and each home built would be carbon neutral in production.


We are committed to delivering a biodiversity net-gain of at least 20%. We'll achieve this by protecting existing wildlife habitats and creating new rich habitats such as woodlands and wildflower meadows. This approach offers benefits to a range of species and the health and wellbeing of local residents.


The inclusion of wildlife-friendly features into buildings such as bird boxes, bat boxes and 'insect hotels' would integrate with new wildlife corridors through the new community.

Thakeham Group

Thakeham Group are bringing forward plans for new communities in South West Cambridgeshire.


First and foremost, we are a community creator committed to people, communities and creating amazing places to live.


As a socially responsible community creator, our aim is to enhance the communities we create, to make positive contributions to the lives of the people who live there.


A founder member of the HBF Future Homes taskforce, our zero-carbon, infrastructure-led placemaking approach is widely accepted as being at the forefront of community creation in the UK.


We create sustainable, zero-carbon, modern self-sustaining communities that enhance the quality of life, built on the principles of NHS Healthy Towns. Our schemes are thoughtfully designed and considered to create vibrant, resilient and sustainable places to live and work, with the health and wellbeing of communities at their heart.


Thakeham - our commitment to engaging with the local community

Revealing our vision for South West Cambridgeshire marks the beginning of an exciting journey to build the UK’s first zero-carbon community. Although we don’t have all of the answers to your questions right now, we’re committed to working and building partnerships with the local community as our plans for South West Cambridgeshire continue to evolve.


To demonstrate our commitment to working with you, we have launched a Community Charter which outlines our principles to community engagement.


In bringing forward our proposals for South West Cambridgeshire, we commit to:


  1. Engaging and working collaboratively with all parts of the local community
  2. Presenting the proposals clearly and honestly
  3. Adopting an inclusive approach to consultation, using a variety of channels to engage with the community
  4. Listening and responding to feedback at each key stage of the consultation programme
  5. Being clear about what aspects of the proposals can or cannot be changed as part of the consultation and why
  6. Ensuring the proposals deliver genuine social value for new and existing communities

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